Let the unwealthy participate in politics

When I ran for City Council in 2020 against seasoned politician Mark Ridley-Thomas, I learned that money’s influence in our local politics runs deeper than I had thought. As an incumbent L.A. County supervisor, he had an unending stream of funds to reach voters. Meanwhile, I campaigned door

2 months ago

Why you should care about money in LA politics

Money in Los Angeles politics is a big problem. It doesn’t have to be – a new system called “democracy vouchers” would help ordinary people donate to campaigns. LA City’s 2020 elections set records for most expensive primary [https://laist.com/news/lausd-primary-most-expensive-ever-election-2020-independent-expenditure-update] and general election for a non-mayoral

9 months ago

New report on democracy vouchers: Elevating More Voices

Today, LA for Democracy Vouchers has released “Elevating More Voices: How democracy vouchers can diversify candidates and donors in Los Angeles.” This report details the current state of campaign finance in Los Angeles, and how democracy vouchers would help create a more equitable system. Currently, money in LA politics comes

9 months ago

Seeking: Volunteer Policy Organizers

Los Angeles for Democracy Vouchers [https://lademocracyvouchers.org/] (LADV) is seeking volunteer policy organizers to help research, write, and produce our study into political reforms in Los Angeles. If you are interested in reforms to make LA City government more equitable, accountable, and democratic, we invite you to apply. About

9 months ago