Time to Celebrate! Democracy Dollars Passed in Oakland

We know your inboxes are swamped with election material right now, but we wanted to update you with some exciting news:

On Tuesday, Oakland voters overwhelmingly passed Measure W, becoming the second city in the nation to pass a democracy dollars program.

This is BIG news! Like Seattle, every eligible Oakland resident will get four $25 vouchers to donate to local candidates of their choice ensuring that Oakland’s campaign finance system will be more reflective of Oakland. This is the first successful campaign since the enactment of the original democracy vouchers program passed in Seattle, back in 2015. We need to give a big shoutout to our friends at Fair Elections Oakland including Oakland Rising, Bay Rising, CA Common Cause, the ACLU of NorCal, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus, the League of Women Voters - Oakland, Maplight, and the community of Oakland for their incredible and inspiring work.

For Los Angeles, this is a great opportunity to follow Oakland’s lead and make a campaign finance system that is: more equitable, empowers more Angelenos to donate, helps more candidates run without relying on wealthy donors, and makes elected officials accountable to us – the people of Los Angeles.

We’re excited to bring this energy forward into our work in Los Angeles. Will you join us?

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